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Once you need glasses, the fun begins! Being faced with so many options when it comes to your frames may cause you to feel overwhelmed, especially if you haven’t worn glasses before. When you finally settle on some frames, you need to decide what types of lenses you want.There are many choices to ensure you have the vision you deserve.

Here are some of the choices you can make for your frames:

You can get an anti-scratch coating, which can be helpful if you are really hard on your glasses. It is not perfect, but it could save you from needing a new pair of frames.

Many people like to have an anti-reflection coating to help them see better at night. This can also help with the glare you may get when you are in photographs.

Photochromic treatments are also popular. They darken like sunglasses when you walk outside. The lenses become clear again when you are inside so you can see just fine indoors as well. This keeps you from needing another set of sunglasses; your glasses will double as sunglasses. If you are thinking of getting photochromic treatments, you should also think about adding some UV-blocking protection in your lenses so they really act like sunglasses. Most sunglasses offer one hundred percent UV protection, so you might want the same for your glasses if they will double as your sunglasses.

Progressive glasses are becoming better and better. They are not your grandparents’ bifocals. Progressive lenses do not have the typical line that most people associate with bifocals. They also make it easier to see. The transition when you look around is smoother.

There are so many choices when it comes to picking out the correct lenses for your frames. However, any time you have questions, feel free to ask us so you will be happy with your new glasses!


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